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Lists rehabilitation and treatment programs for adults and cents. Includes forum, professional resources, and clinical information.

Family Center for Recovery treats cent drug issues, expecting pregnant women, and adults with substance and mental health disorders.

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Teen Challenge USA is a faith-based facility that helps individuals of all ages overcome life-controlling problems and addictions. View our site for more.

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Get treatment for cent drug and alcohol use with our list of teen rehab centers. These recovery centers offer programs just for struggling adults.

Why Choose Starlite Recovery? For over 60 years, Starlite Recovery Center has helped men and women reclaim their lives from addiction to alcohol and other drugs and

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The SMART Recovery alcohol , drug and substance program for teens. A science-based alternative to AA and NA, it includes support meetings.

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MN Adult & Teen Challenge. For almost 30 years, Mn Adult & Teen Challenge has been restoring hope to people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

“Addiction is a serious problem for our nation, and the efforts that individuals make against this problem will benefit us all.” Download our Admissions Form Here

“Believe that Life is Worth Living and Your Belief Will Help Create the Fact” Teen Focus Recovery Center is proud to offer the following services for the

Recover from addiction with the leading self-empowering addiction recovery support group and alternative to 12 step groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous AA or

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