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return to religion-online. Exploring the Role of Media in Religious Identity-construction Among Teens. by Lynn Schofield Clark. Lynn Schofield Clark is a Ph.D. Post

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ren and Teens Videotapes in the Media Resources Center, UC Berkeley

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Nov 20, 2014 · Teens are suffering from social media anxiety, often caused by the quest for more and more likes and the fear of missing out or FOMO.

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Jan 24, 2017 · Men who are struggling in the sack will soon be able tap into their inner teenage stud — by literally popping a dose of the hormone that makes

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The media is a strong influence over teenagers and how they view themselves and the world. Raising emotionally healthy teens and being responsible about their

Teens share a wide range of information about themselves on social media sites; 1 indeed the sites themselves are designed to encourage the sharing of information and

Teens’ Twitter use has grown significantly: One in four (24%) online teens uses Twitter, up from 16% 2011. Fully 95% of those ages 12-17 use the internet. E

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Are Teens Replacing Drugs With Social Media? Fewer teenagers are using drugs and alcohol than ever before, but extreme screen time usage may be their preferred vice

You’ve heard it everywhere, and especially here: Content is the cornerstone of marketing. You can’t just make a flashy advertisement and buy media. You can’t

What is the Real Life Teens Series? *NOW WITH PREVIEW CLIPS! SEE BELOW* Real Life Teens is an unbiased and realistic look from the perspective of teens, at the wide

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