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Groupie, en el sentido estricto de la palabra, es una persona que busca intimiman emocional y sexual con un músico famoso. Sin embargo, este término también se

A bored teenage teen decides that she wants to meet rock stars, and the best way to do that is to become a groupie. She finds herself going on the road with a rock

Meet the ladies who will do anything to bed a pro baller. **PLUS:** Writer Lisa DePaulo talks to about the men of the NBA and the women who love them

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How to Be a Groupie. Almost everyone “loves” certain bands and musical artists. For some, however, this love is literal. If an artist’s music (or face) has got you

Hi, I’m Cynthia and I’m a recovering groupie. I make plaster casts of penises and breasts that are attached to rock stars and other talented earthlings..

May 20, 2013 · Since there are a lot of people outside the USA that want to see this documentary I figured I’d post it online. I’ve been searching for this documentary

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Pamela Des Barres, The Ultimate Rock Groupie, Tells All David Bowie shouldn’t be shamed in death, Pamela Des Barres says: Groupies know what they’re doing.

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The term groupie is derived from group, in reference to a musical group, but the word is also used in a more general sense, especially in casual conversation, to mean

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“It Looks Like A Bottle Of Febreeze” Groupie Claims August Alsina’s Penis Is So Big It Ruptured Her Cervix

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