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Many people are wondering why the video is trending today, not just in India but in other countries too.

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Ever wondered why brides stand to the left at weddings? It has nothing to do with her good side. In fact, it involves swords!

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As The Feminist Bride this topic is the most distressing to me. After researching all wedding traditions there are three that earn the top obsolete, sexist and

I want to do things right, but I’m not particularly turned on by the veil thing. It seems a bit outdated!

I’ve read this and agreed. Then I think and pray about it. Then I think why can’t we be both the bride and body of Christ. Paul goes to lengths to explain that

Offers proven man of the bride speeches, man of the bride toasts, and sample man of the bride wedding speeches. Saying goodbye to mandy’s little teen is

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Oct 13, 2008 · Best man trips, bride and priest fall in pool

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A bride, Bunmi who abandoned her groom at the altar to the dismay of her family in 2015 has explained why she did it.

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