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Read through HRC’s helpful list of terminology and definitions related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

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Although we can choose whether to act on our feelings, psychologists do not consider sexual orientation to be a conscious choice that can be voluntarily changed.

During the teen years, sexual feelings are awakened in new ways because of the hormonal and physical changes of . It takes time for many s to understand who

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Scientology and its perspectives on sexual orientation are based on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology. His statements about

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Aug 18, 2014 · It’s summertime, so of course the anti-sex crowd has decided to cool down with a fresh wave of sexual hysteria. The latest panic is that kinky people w

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This pamphlet is designed to provide accurate information for those who want to better understand sexual orientation and the impact of prejudice and discrimination on

Learn more about sexual orientation discrimination, racial and religious discrimination, workplace harassment, employment laws, and other legal matters at

The Independent Expert on protection against and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is appointed by the UN Human Rights Council

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Sexual orientation and gender are important parts of your identity. Learning about gender identity & sexual orientation can help you to understand yourself

Sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) are methods used in attempts to change the sexual orientation of homosexual and bisexual people to heterosexuality. They may

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