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Pantyhose and tights with low-rise waistband or so called hipsters.

Pantyhose, called sheer tights in the United Kingdom and a few other countries, are close-fitting legwear covering the wearer’s body from the waist to the toes.

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We offer quality hosiery and stockings, pantyhose and tights, bridal hosiery, garter belts, Bodystockings, lingerie and more. Assorted Fishnet & Diamond net tights

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Elegant Up. 886 likes · 58 talking about this. Elegantup Your one stop shop for all your hosiery and lingerie needs. Classy. Professional. Sexy.

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Pierre Mantoux. Pierre Mantoux is the luxury Italian brand that offers a wide selection of hosiery styles from stockings to tights, to knee-highs, anklets, stocking

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