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How to Get Rid of Neck Fat. Neck fat, sometimes referred to as a “turkey neck,” lies just beneath the skin of the neck. It can be a pesky spot to tone up. The best

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The neck is the part of the body, on many vertebrates, that separates the head from the torso or trunk. It contains blood vessels and nerves that supply structures in

Loose, wrinkly skin in the neck and chin area (a.k.a. the gobbler, the wattle). The Solution “V-neck and scoopneck tops, button-down shirts with the collar popped à

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Home of Fat Mike, the singer/bass player of NoFX. Also, features Good Riddance, Lagwagon, Strung Out, Snuff, and No Use For A Name.

Neck pain may result from abnormalities in the soft tissues—the muscles, ligaments, and nerves—as well as in bones and disks of the spine.

EMG studies reveal that the Neck Press stimulates the pectoralis major muscle of the chest, far better than the regular bench press.

Neck Pain Explained – Neck pain, diagnosis, herniated disc, arm pain, surgery and artificial discs.

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Benign symmetric lipomatosis is a skin condition characterized by extensive symmetric fat deposits in the head, neck, and shoulder girdle area. The German surgeon

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