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Set design, like any other creative department in filmmaking, can make or break a movie. It is curious, however, that unless the sets in a film are breathtaking and

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The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe – December 2015. The Women – January 2016. Hay Fever – April 2016

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Guide to the Best GoPro Filters for the HERO5, Hero4, Hero3+ and Hero 3 cameras for Underwater Video while Scuba Diving and Freediving.

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Magenta (Magenta in dialetto milanese) è un comune italiano di 23 724 abitanti della città metropolitana di Milano, in Lombardia. Nota per essere stata il primo

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Panavision, Light Iron, and RED have joined forces to create the world’s most technologically advanced camera. The Panavision Millennium Digital XL 8K cinema camera

Channel dedicated to film festival and award-winning European and foreign movies. Watch Eurocinema on cable and online; On Demand and live stream. Best of recent and

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Biographie. Il commence par écrire des chansons dans sa boutique de photographe située à Paris, boulevard de Magenta dont il fera son nom de plume.

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Aug 19, 2013 · For all you Cinema 4D users wanting to do Minecraft-stuff, here are a few packs to help you getting started. These are all free to download as well, except the paid

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Il magenta è un colore che non fa parte dello spettro ottico: cioè la sua tonalità non può essere generata con luce di una singola lunghezza d’onda.

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